Tulsi Engineering Consultancy

Tulsi Engineering Consultancy

We initially carried out a research task to understand the perceptions of the brand across the industry and the main barriers for conversion. Using this as the starting point we carried out a workshop to further understand the business goals and objectives in order to define their brand strategy. It was clear that TULSI EC needed to engage existing and new customers and be seen as future-focused and market leading dental lab that offers the very best in quality, price and importantly, customer service.

We developed a robust brand strategy with a strong vision, mission and values at the core – providing the entire organisation with a bigger purpose – driving TULSI EC change through every part of the Consultant Industry.

Crafting a Unique Mark

We developed an impactful brand for TULSI ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY that set them apart from the rest of the market which felt cold and stereotypically consultancy. By merging the TULSI EC ’S’ and arrows to represent their progressive nature, we formed a unique brand marque and logo.

By creating bespoke CGI versions of their logos it gave the brand a high end feel – again differentiating them within their space and creating awareness and recognition of the new offering.