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Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing

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Code Nemesis | We Create Compelling Visuals to Express Your Story That Makes a Lasting Impact.

Website Creators, Designers, Marketing Specialists, Restless Data Researchers. We design strategies to Boost your Brand.

We Develop & Create a Digital Future

Rise Above The Competition With Your Jaw-Dropping Website | Compelling Business Narratives That Drive Success

Expert-Level Web Development Services to turn your Idea into a High-Quality Web-Based Solution – exactly the Way you Envisioned.

Web Development Services

to turn your Idea into a High-Quality Web-Based Solution – exactly the Way you Envisioned.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Logo
  • Collateral Design

Custom Websites

  • Website Strategy
  • Custom Web Design
  • eCommerce Web Design
  • Online Portal

Digital Marketing

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We craft user-centric designs that are built from the ground up for organic search.


Creating Visual Identities

Good design creates a good perception… and if there’s one rule in marketing, it’s “Perception is Reality.”


Search Engine Optimization | SEO

A Multi-Channel Approach To Drive Traffic To Your Website, While Increasing Conversions And Building Brand Loyalty

Code Nemesis: Results-Driven Creative Digital Agency Focused On Growing Brands Online.

  • Branding

    Strategies • Implementation • Growth
    Share Brand values with well-crafted content tailored to target audience.
  • eCommerce Development

    Generate sales on website with user focused design & functionality.
  • Digital Marketing

    Our Marketing experts help turn website into marketing machine

Custom Web Design

A professional web designer understands that each website requires a distinctive approach and design methods. They will surely create one that is consistent with your objectives, your brand image, and the guidelines of your company. A website that accurately portrays your brand and successfully communicates your message to your target audience, will always engage your potential customers, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Captivate users with awesome visuals and keep them immersed in your site by making it easy for them to find exactly what they want. The look and feel of a website will inspire, but user-friendliness is essential to achieving success. As a Netherlands based Web Design Agency, we firmly believe that balancing these two aspects of design will result in the greatest user experience.

Code Nemesis

Website is the Face of any Company or Organization. It’s often the Primary way a Customer or Client meets You and decides if they want to do Business with You.

Code Nemesis

Websites should carry a tone of voice that syncs with the chosen brand attributes to help send the right message to the target audience.

In a fast and unexplored universe, where boundaries are still blurred, it is normal to feel lost. Let us be your north star. All ideas are valid, no strategy is considered small or big.

Looking for more visibility for your brand? We are creative, curious, courageous, and aware of what you need to grow online.

Who we are, How we work is Defined by what we have Delivered to our Customers and Partners.

Spn Sapan


I craft Digital Designs & Websites

Bishesh Man Singh



Digital Agency for Digital Transformation

No matter the industry, market, or niche, we all have that special something that distinguishes us from our competitors.
The challenge we all have is to present our unique selling points online. Whether you want it to convert leads, make sales or drive traffic, your website will be designed by our expert web designers to achieve your goals.

We help businesses build powerful brand identities, custom web design and scalable websites to drive greater success online.

Thanks to the years of experience, we managed to create a great foundation of work. Our proven approach to projects allows us to achieve high-quality outcomes and full transparency towards our clients.

Our Works | Branding

We deliver measurable results for brands of all sizes across industries. See for yourself.

Gorkha Express

Gorkha Express

The brand needed to have a premium feel to represent the high quality and slightly higher end price bracket of their product, but without feeling luxurious or indulgent. It should be warm and understated, reflecting the sensitive and important nature of the work they do.

Harsha Pharmacy

We used a mainly monochromic scheme to give the brand a Loving & Caring Feel and position them as Care-Taker in the industry. However we gave it a uniqueness, warmth and clinical edge by introducing a mint color, fresh aqua blue and yellow-orange, with dark green.
Tulsi Engineering Consultancy

Tulsi Engineering

We developed an impactful brand for TULSI ENGINEERING CONSULTANCY that set them apart from the rest of the market which felt cold and stereotypically consultancy. By merging the TULSI EC ’S’ and arrows to represent their progressive nature, we formed a unique brand marque and logo.
Ram Prashad Smriti Logo

Ram Prashad Smriti Pratisthan

We crafted a brand marque that was subtle yet confident. This letter became a symbol to represent the continuation of Service Legacy, the telling of stories and the passing down from generation to generation. The identity was finessed with a series of wood-cut effect stamps, representing Leaf rings.
Waari-Paari Boys Hostel

Waari-Paari Boys Hostel

The pattern was accompanied with contrasting illustrated elements depicting botanics and representations of the ingredients’ origins to tell the stories behind the blends and give a subtle nod to their previous illustration style. The creation of future assets and content.

CodeMandu Business Solution

As the digital transformation partners for many B2B and B2C clients nationwide, we aimed to support their growth prospects internally through recruitment and retention whilst streamlining brand identities with an elevated look and feel, focusing in the workplace that was routed into the Great Place.
Vigor Safety

Vigor Safety Pvt. Ltd.

The brand should behave and speak in order to resonate with their audiences, the creative identity needed to evolve and embody the idea of VS being expert with a revolutionary approach. Brand marque was retained, emphasised by an accompanying monogram that represented the craftsmanship of VS.
Prithvi Money Transfer & Travels

Prithvi Money Transfer & Travels

The tone needed to be created in a way that was sensitive to the subject matter yet confident and positive about the work that the team produced. These could be used as a Graphics to highlight information, adding warmth and movement to the sophisticated brand elements.
NepaLisbon Blog

NepaLisbon Blog

We identified their position in the market, looking at their overall brand message and helping to simplify and explain who and what NepaLisbon are. The result was a set of rules that anchored NLB commitment to making alternative choices easy and changing the way the world drinks.

Pura Samachar

Styling was also rolled out across applications. We developed a selection of product packaging options as well as a suite of branded collateral which included items such as tote bags, pin badges and business cards. Styling was used to develop a trade stand design that would promote the Brand
Sanjha Foundation

Sanjha Foundation

The site had numerous areas that would feature film and moving image. This gave the opportunity to present actual examples and case studies of Sanjha Foundation's exceptional work so that customers could understand the quality of the product. These were evolved into design layouts.
DBK | Newsformation

DBK | Newsformation

Graphic to highlight information, movement to the sophisticated brand elements. A well considered tone of voice was crucial to ensure that the DBK brand and offering was effectively conveyed. Anyone writing for the brand could ensure a consistent approach and a unified voice.

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